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Holograms License Markings Carolina Uv Driver Secure Pass IDs are available to all New York attorneys. Purchasing a Secure Pass is completely voluntary, but having one allows the holder to enter New York State courthouses without having to pass through magnetometers.

All applicants must pay a $50.00 processing fee and undergo a thorough application process, including an electronic criminal history search, before being issued a Secure Pass.

Holograms License Markings Carolina Uv Driver Secure Pass ID cards are valid for approximately five years and must then be renewed. Applicants may now apply for renewals electronically.

Hard-copy applications for Secure Pass IDs are available at most trial-level New York State courthouses. All first-time applicants must appear in person to both apply for and pick up the completed card. The processing time between application and delivery of the card is approximately 4-6 weeks.


Holograms License Markings Carolina Uv Driver
Applications for SECURE PASS ID Cards are not processed at the NY County Supreme Court at 60 Centre Street. For your convenience, applications are accepted at the NYC Civil Court located at 111 Centre Street (WHITE STREET ENTRANCE), and other trial-level courthouses statewide.

Online Renewals


Online Secure Pass Renewals

  • Attorneys may renew their Secure Pass ID Cards online.
  • ID Cards will now remain valid for 5 years
  • Cost for ID Cards will increase to $50.00
  • Online renewals will use current photo on file
  • Online renewals will require only a single courthouse visit to pick-up the new ID Card and verify identity
  • Note: Attorneys applying for their first Secure Pass ID Card MUST continue to use the paper form and submit in person and pick-up in person.
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Please bring the following to the courthouse when applying in-person for the card:

  • $50.00 Payment - by check or money order (payable to Holograms License Markings Carolina Uv Driver NYS Office of Court Administration) - or - credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express)
  • Attorney registration number - (look up numbers in the Attorney Directory)
  • Visa Wikipedia - 2010 jpg georgia File
  • Holograms License Markings Carolina Uv Driver Two (2) color passport photos - Note: photos must have white or light solid color background
  • Two (2) forms of photo ID to verify identity. Acceptable forms of ID are government-issued ID.
  • Name on application must match name listed on government-issued ID (If name listed is different due to marriage, a copy of the marriage certificate is required).
  • If you are licensed to carry a firearm, your firearm permit.