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In 2005, on the recommendation of the 9/11 Commission, Congress passed the REAL ID ACT. The purpose of this Act is to require states to issue driver’s licenses and ID cards that the meet security standards set by the Federal Government. According to the Act, Federal agencies may not accept these forms of ID from states that do not meet the minimum security standards.

How Will the Real ID Act Affect Arizona?

In response to the new federal ruling regarding driver’s licenses and ID cards, Arizona Department of of Transportation (ADOT) is launching the Voluntary Travel ID, a proof of identity card which meets REAL ID ACT requirements for security, and will provide the holder with access to to airports, military bases, federal buildings, and other otherwise restricted venues.

Am I Required to Have a Voluntary Travel ID?

Eventually, everyone desiring to travel by air or to visit restricted federal locations, will have to have the Voluntary Travel ID. As of now, however, current Arizona driver licenses and ID’s will be accepted. The new Travel ID will not be required until after October 1, 2020. According to to Motor Vehicle Division Director Eric Jorgensen, “Now everyone has several years to decide if and when to replace their current license or ID with a Travel ID.”

How Do I Apply for a Voluntary Travel ID?

In order to make the Voluntary Travel ID meet the Federal Government’s goals of security and consistency, its design includes 39 security requirements. Also, documentation provided by each applicant will be reviewed and checked against other databases to provide authenticity of the applicant’s identity. When someone applies for an Arizona Voluntary Travel ID, the following must be provided:

  • A document, such as a certified birth certificate, valid U.S. passport or valid immigration document.
  • Documentation to confirm Social Security information, such as a Social Security Card or W-2 form
  • Establishment of proof of residency with two forms of documentation, such as a bank statement, utility bill or Arizona Voter Registration Card (all showing a current address).
  • For a full list of approved documents, go to:

Where Can I Apply for a Arizona Travel ID?

Beginning Friday, April 1, those wishing to convert their current driver’s license to an Arizona Travel ID.  Authorized Third Party driver license providers offer the service without an appointment. Go to

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