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Posted: 5:30 PM, Mar 30, 2016
Arizona has officially rolled out new identification cards that will eventually be required to get you through airport security lines. But frequent flyers, don't panic. While new travel ID's are now available, you have until 2020 to make the switch. 
"There's no rush, they are still able to travel throughout the United States, they're able to use their current driver's license," said Chad Campbell, Deputy Director of the Arizona Motor Vehicles Division.
The government passed the REAL ID act in 2005 to make identification more secure. The new Voluntary Travel ID requires more documentation from applicants and additional background checks to confirm identity. With the rollout of these new ID's, Arizona is now compliant with that federal law. 
"There are 39 different security opportunities," said Campbell. "The one that's going to be the most obvious is that there is a yellow star or a gold star that is placed on it."
On October 1, 2020, the new Voluntary Travel ID will be required for air travel or to access federal buildings and military bases.
– The ‎think On Shop Clean Dirty Store If you want to get a four-year head start, the Voluntary Travel ID's will be available starting Friday. First time drivers can apply for the Voluntary Travel ID at any MVD officer or third party provider. 
For those who want to convert a current driver's license to the Voluntary Travel ID, you have to make an appointment at one of eight offices across the state. Appointments can be made starting April 1. 
The Voluntary Travel ID is $25 and is good for eight years. 
For more information about the Voluntary Travel ID, click here. Drivers Perfect Young Texting Storm Driving For Distracted A
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